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Lars Hemel
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Dominica's Soufriere Bay is known for its unique topology formed because of a huge submerged volcanic crater,

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The south of Dominica is where the famous Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (Scottshead Soufriere Marine Reserve (SSMR)) is located, a well protected oasis of animal life and superb underwater coral formations. Soufriere Bay is an extinct volcanic submerged crater providing steep dropoffs. Its strong volcanic activity near the village of Pointe Michel has created an experience unique in the world; the dive site Champagne, where you can actually dive through a bubbling underwater hot spring. It is one of the most famous dive sites in the park. Other highlights are the beautiful coral heads at Soufriere Pinnacles, underwater fumaroles or the wall dives at the Sorceress (La Sorciere) and the Deep (L'Abym). You can also visit the rougher south side of Dominica at Grand Bay. They are situated in the waters between Dominica and Martinique, offering a great place for spectacular diving with larger pelagic and advanced conditions.

Other activities around the south of Dominica are a visit to the capital Roseau and its Botanical Gardens. A popular day excursion is to bath in the Soufriere Sulfur Springs and you can visit the remains of Fort Cashacrou at Scotts Head.

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