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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Champagne is named after an underwater fumarole which constantly releases gas forming bubbles you can dive through.

Name Dive Site:Champagne
Depth: 1-25m (3-82ft)
Accessibility: Shore, Boat
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Champgne is one of the best known dive sites in Dominica and located north of Soufriere Bay and Pointe Guignard. It is one of the few places in the world where you can literally scuba dive in waters of bubbles created because of a so-called fumarole. It is a submerged volcanic gas vents that seeps mineral rich heated water. Remember that the temperatures just above these vents can reach forty degrees on the bottom where coral life is virtual absent.

Champagne is just a small spot on the greater Champagne Reef, shallow and starting less than 100 meter offshore. Although most divers will enter this dive from a boat, it is possible to do the relatively long surface swim from shore. Especially snorkelers and those with their own dive equipment do it this way. You can find healthy sponges, anemones and crinoids. The reef is swarmed in a wide variety of marine life including soldier fish, squirrel fish and even frogfish and seahorses are not uncommon. The reef also houses a confiscated smugglers boat called Debbie Flo and another metal wreck which has lost recognition years ago. It is located in calm waters with no currents which make it possible to be dived by divers of any certification. Champagne, a unique experience to dive at a hot spring with underwater bubbles.

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